[Valentine Activity] Say your love out loud!

Valentine's Day

What have you prepared for the upcoming Valentines’ Day? Card, gift, bouquet, candlelight dinner and date spots? Romantic but not novel enough! Now you have a chance to say your love out loud and get blessed by people all over the world!

Publish a post about your love oath to your beloved one (it can be done in your own language) on your own Facebook/Google + account; @ File Expert/ Web PC Suite and her/his name in the post. An intimate couple photo added is preferred. You can express your love, wish, remorse, crush, and regret… anything related to your love story. We will forward it to our homepage and share your love story with our users and you will receive blessings from our global fans.

Duration: Feb.10-14, 2015 (GMT+8)



The best gift you can give for your valentine is a lifelong vow and determination to achieve that! Now yell out your love and share it with File Expert/ Web PC Suite and the whole world!