How to turn a Raspberry Pi into your personal private cloud server?


Raspberry Pi is a capable mini computer that fits in the palm of your hand yet allows you to create your home media center and a lot more. Are you one of the Raspberry Pi DIYers since the possibilities of Raspberry Pi project ideas are limitless? Now we’re going to make Raspberry Pi a great brain for a smart home NAS accessible by mobiles. Isn’t it awesome? Continue reading

(Guest Article)Words With Friends Cheat Review

As a loyal reader of this blog, you’ve proven that you’re not only a big fan of quality and productivity apps, chances are high that you are a proud owner of an Android smartphone – which leads to the fact that you’ve most likely played one of the most popular gaming apps on Android, “Words With Friends” by Zynga.

“Words With Friends” is a delightfully addictive Scrabble-like word game that you can play with your friends or people from all over the world.

Connect with your Friends

As Fox News said, “Words with Friends” is “social gaming at its finest”: You can keep in touch with your old friends by playing this game, challenge your best friends to high-competitive word battles or use the in-game chat by making new ones.

But what does that mean for your gaming behavior? What do you think: Would you be more or less committed to winning, if you would play the Scrabble clone against the computer instead of competing with real friends? Let’s say, the answer is obvious.

Words With Friends Cheat Tool (3)

A Cheat to rule them all

Of course, you don’t want to lose versus your best friends again and again. And we all have this one friend, who isn’t only extremely smart, but also incredibly lucky. Well, in these cases the only chance for you to play in the same league (or at least play the same sport) is to push your success to the right direction – and word-grabber can help you out with that. This site features a Words With Friends Cheat, that is helping you out to meet the challenge to beat your friends.

Making use of the tool for your word battles is quite easy: You just have to type in your (up to 9) letters from which the tool will automatically generate every single possible word combination for you, that is compatible with the official ENABLE word list. The results are then sorted by points showing you the word with the biggest score first.

So, whenever you are inferior to one of your friends, help yourself and meet again on a equal footing.

This article has been provided by Daikon Media.

APP Review: File Expert for Android


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              File Expert for Android
Most of the amazing app would always captivate the global users mind and offer the users special moment worth buying. This familiar app of File Expert for Android has really impressed lot of active users around the global market. Continue reading

APP Review: File Expert – File Manager Android Review



There are so many ways to manage your files on Android that it can be difficult to find an app that ‘does it all’ without compromising any area. Well, we seem to have found an app that fits that bill perfectly, as File Expert is a fantastic option for Android users, particularly if you are interested in cloud video playing and utilising a private cloud. Continue reading